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About Us

We can do it !

We have 20 years experience of Automation Systems, so whatever you are thinking about, we've probably done something like it already !  

If it it uses electricity, most likely we can control it - so, from a wall switch, smartphone/tablet, wheelchair, or voice activation , you can dim the lights, open a door, shut the curtains, raise the blinds, close a window, set the heating to standby, etc etc.

Your Home - Looking Good, Feeling Great

Every home can benefit from Automation Controls, whether an assisted living appartment, hotel,  office or stately home.

Home Automation should be designed around the people using it, and our tailored solution approach delivers exactly that.

Reliable, Flexible, Future Proof

Our solutions are based on KNX, the worldwide open standard for home and  building control that fulfils ISO/IEC (14543), CENELEC (EN50090) and  CEN (13321) requirements.

How we work

Collaborative - Flexible

Flexiblity is fundamental to our working practices, and we work WITH people. We don't impose our ideas on anyone, our approach is to find out what the customers requirements are, and their budget, then we present our ideas together with costs in order to have a proper conversation about how to deliver a solution that everyone will be happy with.

We're happy to work directly with home owners, whether refurbishment or new build, or maintaining an existing system.

We work alongside Occupational Therepists, Architects, Electrical Contractors, M&E consultants and Construction Contractors, General Builders, Electricians and Plumbers to deliver practical and useful automation solutions. 

With extensive ETS programming knowledge, we also subcontract to other  Systems Integrators on their KNX projects, whether for a few hours or days covering employee absence, or providing project design and management from start to finish.

Contact Us

Everyone has a unique situation, and I'll strive to accommodate yours.


Call Simon Allen on 07976 008967 or 01932 355625 or send a message using the link below....

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